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Lifestyle of Gurugram

In a broad way, the lifestyle of people in Gurugram is a resemblance of Punjabi culture and heritage. The people of Gurugram follow vedic chantings, yoga and meditation even today. This is cogent evidence that the people of Gurugram still preserve their invaluable culture and tradition. The food habit of Gurugram people is generally of traditional North Indian food style, which includes makki di roti, sarso da saag, lassi, rajma, cholay-bhature.

The people and their habits of Gurugram always hold a touch of Punjabi culture. The illustrious art forms of Gurugram include dramas, ballads and songs in which they take immense pleasure and are proud of their culture.

Influence of Western Lifestyle in Gurugram

Truth has to be told that the influence of western culture in Gurugram is high that the city houses a lot of multinational companies. Being one of the most preferred hubs for Information Technology and Manufacturing, Gurugram made headway to a whole new unique indistinguishability. Typically, the city boasts a diverse population that comprises of people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, while maintaining the good old Haryanvi individuality and the city is still reckoned as a division of the Indian capital!

Lifestyle of Gurugram is substantially conveyed in both employment and leisure-time behavior practices and other pursuits. Focused, confident, gifted, bold, ostentatious are some of the significant attributes with which people of Gurugram distinguish about themselves. Every city is different in its own way, especially by its history and culture it possesses; Gurugram is reasonably new and is potentially shaped by corporate attributes and wears western lifestyle that prevails in the modern millennium city of India.

The Proud Gurugramites!

It is a long journey for the city, started as a humble small town and today a proud name in the list of rapidly developing cities across the country. One thing is certain that the transformation of Gurugram not only refers to the sky touching buildings, swish neighborhoods or classy shopping malls, but it also includes the population of the city. The transformation very much includes the people of Gurugram that they also have evolved and attained a forward-looking identity. The day has come that youngsters of Gurugram are already feeling proud of being a resident of the millennium city of India. They are proud of being called as Gurugramites, proud of where they live, their lifestyles and culture! The logic is simple that the people created Gurugram and in turn the city created them.

The people of Gurugram are a scrupulous lot, well aware of their limits, ready to work hard, dear to party, play along with their passions and aspirations and observe all fetes and functions with zestfulness. For a jolly hangout, they will visit a multinational fast food chain like McDonalds or KFC and have king size burger or bucket chicken at the same time; the people won't miss any festivals or events and celebrate them with their friends and family serving typical and traditional North Indian food.

Gurugram's behemoth malls, pubs, discotheques, restaurants are some of the popular hangout spots where people of different states, languages and culture gather, forget the differences and spend quality time with their friends and family. Shaped by the new lifestyle, today's youngsters of Gurugram are aspired and goal oriented. They have realized that living in the millennium city of Gurugram means a lot. Gurugramites are experts in common that they are skillful in balancing their acts to toggle between the western lifestyle and their traditional lifestyle!

The cosmopolitan outlook of the city plays a crucial role in the lifestyle of people of Gurugram that opens the door wide for the people to live their lives in their own way and lets others too. Today, the city works primarily on ambition and substantiates the liveliness of a young India. All in all, lifestyle of people of Gurugram is becoming a distinctive cosmopolitan one where people from assorted cultures are in synchronous terms with each other.

The way the city of Gurugram operates is just simple, that is to say, five days of work and two-days of hardcore enjoyment. Altogether, the lifestyle of people of Gurugram is simple yet healthy and interesting.

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