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Parks in Gurugram

Gurugram is considered to be an ancient city that is situated in the southern outskirts of Delhi. The origin of Gurugram is related to the epic Mahabharata. It is largely accepted that the city Gurugram was actually a donation from the Pandavas to their Guru Dronacharya. It is from the name of the guru that the city got its name. “Guru Gram” meaning “village of Guru” was the name that cam into being as Gurugram. At present, Gurugram comprises of hundreds of multinational companies having their corporate offices in the city and at the same time there are thousands of corporate executives that are also found to reside in Gurugram, making Gurugram their second home. With the changes that have taken place in the industrial sector of Gurugram, there are major changes that have also taken place in the entertainment scenario that is found in Gurugram.

Gurugram in its past ten years possessed very few movie theatres, eating joints, no malls and no option for cultural entertainment but in the recent times there are a multitude of multiplexes, malls, bars an amusement parks that have erupted in Gurugram. Entertainment options that are found in Gurugram are not just or the adults but they are also for the children. In the name of entertainment for the children, there are some large and popular amusement parks like Aapno Ghar and different water parks that meet the requirements for their kids and the children. The parks that are found in Gurugram are generally theme based and they offer great enjoyment to the children through swings, animal rides, rides and water games.

The park system in Gurugram is quite complex because majority of the land in Gurugram is under the supervision of the Haryana Urban Development Authority. Some of the main attractions of the city are in the form of parks like Leisure Valley Park located in Sector 29 and is spread around an area of 36 acres; Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose park located in sector 14 which is also called the HUDA Garden; Tau Devi Lal Park and tau Devi Lal Botanical Garden located in sector 29 and 23. There are some water parks in Gurugram that have come into being recently and have emerged out to be very successful. The Aapno Ghar amusement park is one such water park that has gained popularity in the recent times and is considered to be the most famous park throughout Gurugram.

Water Parks in Gurugram

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that Gurugram is a very popular and amazing holiday destination located very near to Delhi. Gurugram is an amazing town because it has sunlight all the year round and comprises of gorgeous landscapes, mesmerizing pools and traditional sites that are awe-inspiring. People, who look forward towards visiting Delhi, should make it a point to visit Gurugram because of the fact that Gurugram is a town that is family-oriented. There are many interesting points available in Gurugram that act as excellent enjoyment and fun sources for people of all ages. The Aapno Ghar water park in Gurugram is also considered as an amusement park and is considered to be an ideal spot for an outrageous, memorable and wet encounter and at the same time an option for spending the afternoon in an amazing manner.

Aapno Ghar Water Park Amusement Park in Gurugram

The Aapno Ghar amusement park or the water park is located on the southern end of the Delhi-Jaipur highway and is the biggest park in Gurugram that is water themed. The land area of this park is tremendous and it consists of grounds that are designed beautifully. This park has got everything to offer to people of all ages apart from the children. The Aapno Ghar Park is a magnificent water park consisting of the most number of points and trips of interest in comparison to the other water parks throughout Gurugram. It also consists of the largest household trip voyages throughout India. This park has also been designed to ensure the most secure and the most convenient encounter for the guests also. This park is open every day from January to December and it serves more than one lakh people every season.

There are a total of 26 interesting points and trips at Aapno Ghar amusement park. There are eight trips available at the park that are individual, three trips that are for a group and ten interesting points for kids. Apart from this, the park also consists of six interesting points that are quite entertaining. The interesting points and trips that are available at the park all open for all individuals without any age concerns. There are only two trips at the park that are meant only for the grownups. The interest points or trips that have been created for kids below the age of ten require parents to guide their kids while enjoying these points and trips. Some of the interest trips and points available at the Aapno Ghar Water Park are as follows:
  • Single slides- These slides are open for the kids as well as the grownups and they are just like the normal slides that are found at the amusement parks.
  • Free Drop- This is a drop that requires no cost and is considered to be quite amazing. It enables an individual to fall freely and feel the sensation of moving down in the form of a vertical fall. This is a voyage that is interesting and wonderful but is open only to grownups because of security concerns.
  • Wild water- A tube experience that is twisty and quick and starts from a mountain top. This is an entertaining trip that is open for all ages and is considered to be fun especially for the kids.
  • Adventure- his is a twisty fall that consists of one to two pipes or in some cases no pipes at all.
  • Kids attractions- The kids attractions at the park consist of pirate ship which appears in the form of a water fountain that is swash-buckling and is full of water weapons and slips. The splashing forest or splattering forest moves and procures water giving the kids an experience of a rainforest. Fair lady is also an amusing trip that offers the kids a chance to climb up the volcano top and then drop down below.

Aapno Ghar
43rd Mile Stone, Delhi-Jaipur Road, NH-8
Village Shikohpur, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
Phone: 0124 237 1281
Entry Fee:
Rs.300 for Amusement Park
Rs.500 for Water Park
All Days (11am to 8pm)

Theme Parks in Gurugram

Gurugram also comprises of a number of theme parks that are worth visiting because they consist of amazing scenic beauty and landscape. The theme parks in Gurugram are quite famous because they allow people and kids to have a great time at the park looking through the beauty and the wonderful interest points that the park has in line for them. Some of the most popular theme parks in Gurugram have been mentioned below:

Wet ‘n’ Wild Theme Park in Gurugram

Wet 'n' Wild is the first water resort in India and is considered to be the leisure and entertainment landmark of the city of Gurugram. This is a park where the visitors can get the pleasure of various kinds of water games, activities and sports. Pendulum and tornado are the two water slides of this park that are quite famous throughout India. The main features of this water park include a pool table, a bowling alley and five beautiful swimming pools.
Wet 'n' Wild
45th Milestone, Naurangpur
Sector 78, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
Phone: 0124 481 2100
Entry Fee:
Rs.300 per Adult (Weekdays)
Rs.250 per child (Weekdays)
Rs.400 per Adult (Weekend)
Rs.350 per child (Weekend)

Fun ‘n’ Food Village Parks in Gurugram

The Fun 'n’ Food Village located on Old Delhi-Gurugram Highway has been very popular in Gurugram and also across the entire country since its inception in 1993. This park is considered to be the ideal place for families because it consists of a number of water parks and joy rides. This park also consists of a market for traditional crafts work. Aqua pool, flying carpet and mono rail are the popular rides available at the Fun ‘n’ Food village. Wave pool is the largest water pool in Gurugram and Delhi and is considered to be the main attraction of the Fun ‘n’ Food Village. The park also consists of a snow park spread over 2500 sq.m. Apart from this, there are 22 water slides and 21 amusement rides in this park. The kids area for eater fun is also an integral part of this park. Rain dance, one of the most attractive features of this park, is organised during the summer months and this attracts more than thousands of tourists to the park in the peak season.
Fun 'n' Food Village
Gurugram Border, Old Delhi Gurugram Road
Kapashera, Udyog Vihar, New Delhi, Haryana 110037
Phone: 011 4326 0000

Amusement Parks in Gurugram

Amusement parks in Gurugram are all the same like the water parks and the theme parks because nowadays all the parks that are found in Gurugram consist of a separate area for amusement rides and another separate area for water rides. Therefore, it is very hard to make the segregation in terms of amusement and theme. In terms of amusement park, it can be said that the Aapno Ghar water park is also an amusement park because it consists of adventure rides in combination with the water rides and games. There are some very popular amusement rides available at the park for the fun and enjoyment of the children such as super trouper, caterpillar, baby train, flying Bob, Merry-go-round and rounds about.

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